holoduke on a Hacker News thread:

It is still running and making 20 times more than I would get with a normal job. But i was lucky. Lucky to be born in a rich country. Lucky because I was given a computer at the age of 5. Lucky because I had unlimited education opportunities. Lucky because I had a friend who gave me access to something I needed for my business. And many other lucks. I will never deny that fact. But reading these stories makes me a bit angry, because it is just not that simple. It’s always easy to translate a successful story into a guideline. But that guideline isn’t worth anything when all those luck properties are different.

And arbuge’s response:

In practice that particular thread likely required all kinds of environmental details to occur - details the entrepreneur might not have noticed at the time, might have forgotten about later, or might be discounting as unimportant.

There’s no such thing as a self-made person. I say this as someone who feels like he’s worked hard to get where he is, leaving aside his predilection for the third person to which he refers to himself in.