This page lists my current machines. I used to have tons of old crap, but consolidated everything into a few favourites.

iUmu, the home iMac

My 27 inch iMac

iUmu replaces a ton of computer gear into one slender box, including my de-facto MacBook Air Belkin Dock dekstop I used for years, and the GTX-970 game machine I built and barely used. She’s basically the only consumer Mac with halfway decent graphics, which look amazing!

I threw money at the CPU and GPU, but got the stock RAM because its easy to upgrade. I would have also preferred Windows 7 for games, but Boot Camp no longer offically supports.

Part Value
Display 27” 5120x2880 Retina
CPU Core i7 4.2GHz
Memory 16 GiB DDR4-2400
Drive 512 GiB SSD
GPU Radeon Pro 580, 8 GiB
OS macOS High Sierra
Windows 10 (for games)

rubenVM, the 13” MacBook Pro

My 27 inch iMac

My work laptop. Five years old, and still has a better keyboard the current crop, and better screen than almost every current PC.

Part Value
Display 13” 2560x1300 Retina
CPU Core i5 2.6GHz
Memory 16 GiB DDR3-1600
Drive 512 GiB Apple SSD
GPU Intel Iris 1.5GiB (integrated)
OS macOS High Sierra

Mizuno, the vintage DIY desktop

An Intel Pentium MMX mousepad

This was the first machine I built with my dad, using the proceeds from a primary school writing contest if you can believe it! I started refurbishing her in 2015 with parts from the first family computer as well, to turn her into the ultimate nostalgia box.

Part Value
Display LG 1024x768
Board Octec Rhino 12+
CPU Pentium MMX 200MHz
Memory 64 MiB PC-133
Storage 32 GiB SanDisk CF card
16 GiB SanDisk CF card
GPU Diamond Viper V330 Riva128 4MiB
Audio Creative SoundBlaster AWE32 ISA
ESS AudioDrive ES1868 ISA
NIC Compal [sic] ReadyLINK 10BaseT PCI
Optical 32x TEAC Slimline CD-ROM
Disks 1.2 MiB 5.25” Panasonic
1.44 MiB 3.5” Panasonic FDD
100 MiB ATAPI Iomega Zip, beige
1 GiB SCSI Iomega Jaz, green
SCSI Iomega Jaz Jet PCI, AHA-2930C
OS MS-DOS 6.22, Windows for Workgroups
Windows 95
OS/2 Warp 4.5

Mio, the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8

An HP Gen8 MicroServer

Mio is the nerve centre of our tiny apartment. She hosts all our file backups, Plex media, VPNs, and was the machine I learned Xen on for work.

Part Value
Display SSH
CPU Xeon E3-1260L
Memory 16 GiB ECC DDR3
Drive 32 GiB SanDisk USB3 (for grub)
128 GiB Intel SSD
8 TiB WD Red (x2)
4 TiB HGST (x2)
OS Debian 9 dom0
FreeBSD domU for ZFS
NetBSD domU for everything else

Peddle, the Commodore Plus/4

The Commodore Plus/4

The 1980s most beautiful computer, picked up on eBay for peanuts in the early 2000s. Designed by Bill Herd who’s name was a shortlist, but instead named for MOS Technology’s Chuck Peddle, the man I consider the inventor of the personal computer.

Part Value
Display Need to source, maybe something like this?
CPU MOS Technology 8501
Memory 64 KiB (and 64 KiB ROM)
OS Commodore BASIC 3.5
GPU MOS Technology TED
Audio MOS Technology TED