This page lists the stuff I use on a regular basis. Head over to the Engine Room for specifics on what runs my site here.


Daily carry

I always have a tiny Panasonic Let’s Note on me, mostly for when I’m on call, but also for personal projects at coffee shops. See console tools below for non-GUI stuff.

My Mac

My work machines have been MacBook Pros for many years, mostly because there are specific business tools that don’t run nicely in Wine, and because I can’t stand Windows anymore.

Firefox plugins

Been a user since the Phoenix days. Quantum is pretty good.

Console tools (personal and work)

These all reference their pkgsrc pages, though are also available on FreeBSD Ports, Debian apt, and Homebrew.


Virtual cloud servers on OrionVM in Australia and the US, and AWS in Singapore.

I’m still looking for decent self-hosted versions of Apple Music,

DOS nostalgia box

I still run DOS for nostalgia and fun on my old beige tower from the 1990s. This section will be spun off into its own page at some point. Some links are pending.