This is my page of useful extensions for Firefox, my primary browser since the Phoenix days along with Mozilla Camino. I don’t use Safari as a secondary browser anymore becuase there aren’t any great KeePass plugins.

uBlock Origin

The best blocker for tracking and other nasties. You can turn off for sites you trust.

British English Dictionary

Marco Pinto’s fork has been updated with 40,000+ words, for all your favourite, colourful spellings.

HTTPS Everywhere

This was far more importart in the Firesheep days, but there are still sites out there with HTTP and HTTPS options that default to the former. This will enforce the latter.


With the KeePassXC desktop program, this is this most robust cross-platform password manager available today. 1Password is more polished on the Mac, but running it under Wine on FreeBSD was a kludge.

Tab Centre Redux

I still also recommend [Tree Style Tabs], but this continuation of the Mozilla Lab’s Tab Centre is much simpler for the feature subset I used in TST.