I’ve been tracking a list of my favourite buildings since I was old enough to read paper encyclopedias at school, then Encarta, then Wikipedia. One by one, Clara and I have been ticking them off!

Chrysler Building, New York

We visited in 2016. It’s absolutely the most beautiful building I’ve seen in photos, and seeing in real life only reaffirmed my opinion. The lobby is more art deco than I could have imagined.

Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong

We visited in 2017. No tower built since matches its beautiful, modern, clean lines. It still looks like it’s from the future; no surprise that it was used as a Starfleet office tower in Star Trek.

Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco

We visted in 2018. It’s such a visual curioisity; buildings aren’t supposed to be this shape! And yet, it is. Even its base with interlocking triangles is fascinating. And in the right late afternoon light, it’s even the right colour to be a pyramid.

Pyramid of Khafre, Giza

Haven’t visited yet. It’s my favourite of the Great Pyramids. It’s most often seen in photos directly behind the Sphinx, and is the only one left with part of its smooth outer casing on top.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Clara and I live in Sydney now, so this one gets regular visits. I wish the Australian housing and construction boom had resulted in more buildings as visually fascinating.

OUB Centre, Singapore

We visited together in 2014. I like this in a similar vein to the Bank of China tower. It’s beautiful for its simplicity; two triangular prisms joined at the hip. It’s known as One Raffles Places now, but its still the OUB Centre to me.