This is my evolving list of the best brews I find.


  • Coffee Alchemy: Best coffee in the world. No, really. You sit on wooden chruch pews a metre or two away from the industrial roasting machines. There are no cakes or snacks, just coffee. The smells, sounds, sights and tastes make this entirely unique and special.

  • Central Roasters: Tucked away in a side-street you may not see. Your loss, their coffee is great!

  • Two Black Sheep: Best coffee in the Sydney CBD, and the owners/operators are lovely. I wish I could speak more Thai.

  • Workshop Espresso: In the Galleries building, a great place for a cup after buying another stack of manga from Kino. They always have something fun on their blackboard.


  • The Boatdeck Cafe: Much of this site in the mid-2000s was written from this place. They don’t do the Betty Blue Sea of Espresso any more, but still best coffee in northern Adelaide!

Brookyln, New York

  • L’imprimerie: Beautiful little café down from the L/M Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenues subway. Best coffee in New York, and the people are super friendly.

Kowloon, Hong Kong

  • Candies Cafe: A bohemian little corner store, run by friendly people. Their takeaway cold drip comes in an adorable little glass jar with lid, and saved me from summer heat in more ways than one.

Kyoto, Japan

  • Maeda Coffee (前田珈琲): Excellent cakes and service, and your choice of filter single origin or their amazing house blend. They don’t do espresso. They have a few branches, but definitely go to the one near Kiyomizu-dera.

San Francisco

  • Cafe Réveille: Beautiful high ceilings and decor match the great coffee and friendly staff in Mission Bay. If you get there early enough, you can watch them roasting in-store.