Old driver decision tree


Finding vintage computer hardware for sale online is challenging, but finding drivers is arguably just as difficult. The following tree based on my latest adventures updating my vintage tower. Bold text denotes a branch end.

  • Search engine acknowledges driver exists
    • Search result is a forum
      • Forum post references Mediafire, Mega, etc
        • Link not found, link removed
      • Post links to internal site
        • Requires registration, probably invite only
          • Attachment has been removed
    • Search result is a scummy driver site
      • Requires registration
        • Download adware
    • Search result is legitimate download
      • It’s not for the OS claimed on the site
      • It’s not for the hardware claimed on the site
  • Search engine doesn’t have anything for that hardware
    • Decide to trawl eBay
      • Long shot, but find driver CD or disk
    • Ask social media if they know
      • “Why do you want to run such old hardware?”
      • “Why not buy different hardware?”
      • “Your interest in retro computing is dumb lol”
      • “Um…”

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