Okay Woolies, you win!


Loyalty cards: the (not so) silent killer

Even before my family left Australia to move to Singapore, I remember every time we went to our nearby Coles supermarket we'd be asked if we had a FlyBuys card. I think it was the same with Myer, Kmart and Target too. Good afternoon, do you have FlyBuys? Hello, do you have your FlyBuys today? Hi there, are you a FlyBuys cardholder? Do you have FlyBuys? Good morning, is that a FlyBuys card? FlyBuys? FLYBUYS?! I'll show you FlyBuys, it's right next to my STOP ASKING ME THAT card!

When I started studying here and living part time in Mawson Lakes I got used to walking to the Woolies down at Mawson Central, and fortunately up until last year they didn't have such a loyalty card programme, but now they do. Good afternoon, do you have an Everyday Rewards card? Hi there, got an Everyday Rewards card? ARGH!

Call it caving in or succumbing to pressure, but decided to give up and sign up for a Woolworths Everyday Rewards card. I figure when I make it to the checkout I can show them this piece of plastic which is akin to a giant sign asking them not to ask whether I have an Everyday Rewards card. It's like being a lightning fast ninja, but without all the physical exertion and mental training.

They'll no doubt keep track of what I purchase and use it for advertising purposes, but it's a small price to pay for my sanity. Heck, I might even get a couple of free things after I've spent money at that same Woolworths every week for fifty years or however long it takes.

I think I also got a Qantas Frequent Flyer account too. Can I transfer them to Singapore Airlines you think? ;).

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