Number of posts last year


I didn’t do a post retrospective last year. Post as in blog post, not post as in after. Doing an after retrospective would have been redundant. And not that kind of redundant.

According to everyone’s favourite tool wc(1), not to be confused with water closest, this blog had 606 posts last year. That’s a difference of more than 100 compared to 2020, though still fewer than my peak in 2009.

As I always used to say, why have quality over quantity, when you can have both!? Not in this case obviously, I mean more generally. Insert a reference to water closets here again.

For anyone who thinks they need to spam people like me to be a blogger, some of the best writers I’m subscribed to only post once a month, or even annually. They write long form content of a much higher calibre than anything I post. Everyone has their own style, this just happens to be mine.

My style is the bom digi bom di-deng di-deng diggi-diggi. Thank you.

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