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University of South Australia

Our (albeit government sponsored) university fees at work (or lack thereof). Fortunately all my lecturers from this semester have continued to go above and beyond by answering my emails and returning assignments with detailed and friendly comments. I wonder if others have had less luck?

Dear Student,

You may be aware that UniSA is currently in negotiations with the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) as part of the Enterprise Bargaining process regarding terms and conditions of employment for staff.

The NTEU has advised the University that, in its view, insufficient progress is being made on a number of their key claims and unfortunately they have now imposed industrial action which targets the formal transmission of student assessment results, including exams.

The University is extremely disappointed and concerned with this position. Not only is the University of the view that significant progress has been made in negotiations but, potentially, the NTEU’s bans will disadvantage our students and their families, particularly if students may be denied the opportunity to graduate and participate in ceremonies in late December, or be unable to secure employment or to commence postgraduate studies without formal transmission of results.

The interests of our students are paramount at such a crucial stage of their studies and careers, and the University considers it has an obligation to protect our students as innocent parties to a dispute that is between the University and unions. Accordingly, at the last bargaining meeting on Monday, 23 rd November, the University again formally requested that the NTEU lift its bans. Again, the NTEU refused. Subsequently, the university has put in place a number of strategies, including involving Fair Work Australia, to mitigate the impact of these bans.

I would like to reassure all students that the University is working very hard to ensure students receive their final assessment and exam results.

I will keep you informed of developments.

Kind regards

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