Back in the glorious old days of Rubenerd, I used to celebrate pointless milestones with industrial cleaning equipment. I’d do image searches for the number of posts I’d done at a certain point, and invariably I’d end up with a fine piece of Tennant kit. It wasn’t as dashing as a certain Doctor, but it cleaned up just as well.

Hey, that was pretty good.

Case in point, The Tennant 3400 for post 3400. What I lacked in originality, I made up for with a clean break. That was… less good.

Needless to say (HAH!), I thought that chapter of the blog had passed. The last reference I made to a pointless milestone and industrial cleaning equipment was February 2012 for post 4300. But circumstances, call it chance, had other ideas.

Yesterday, I got a spam call from the US. A specific software vendor keeps trying to upsell me stuff I neither asked nor asked for. I emphasise the term with repetition because I certainly didn’t ask for it, and I wouldn’t have. I was devoid of asking. If asking were a parrot, it wouldn’t just be sleeping.

To confirm whether the number on the caller ID was that same aforementioned software vendor, I searched for it. What was to appear but a piece of cleaning equipment, in Poland no less.

These are the technical specifications from the product page:

Napięcie aku zasilające 230V/50Hz
Moc urządzenia max. 1400 W (dane producenta)at
Przepływ powietrza max. 69 l/s
Podciśnienie max. 259 mbar (dane producenta)
Poziom hałasu 68,5 db(A)
Pojemność zbiornika urządzenia max. 20 l brutto, 16 l pył, 10 l woda
Wymiary produktu (dł x szer x wys) 39 x 37 x 55 cm (dane producenta)
Przewód zasilający 12 m PCV
Waga produktu 8 kg (dane producenta)

Clear as mud!