Yay, December! November is over!


As I sit here in the dark late this evening playing some Michael Franks holiday music and drinking a frosty glass of water, I'm reminded of late October when I said November was going to be terrible and it couldn't end soon enough. Well it's ended, and I'm so relieved I'm giddy :).

Leaving aside family problems, this full time semester has been rough (relatively speaking of course!). After taking a leave of absence to look after my mum in her last few years and my subsequent studies part time, I'm far behind most people of my age. Heck, virtually everyone who started studying at the same time I did have already graduated or begun Masters degrees.

I'm not sure whether those two factors had anything to do with it, and certainly the material I was studying wasn't overly more difficult than what I'd done before, but this semester was hard. I worried about things that I didn't think were worrying at all before. I felt as though I was going backwards.

Anyway the exams are over, the assignments have been handed in and on Thursday night I'll be back in Singapore for the first part of the holidays. I like Adelaide, but at the moment my mind associates it with… studying. And having Christmas in Munich and New Year in Paris is going to be amazing.

I whinge about workload, aforementioned family problems and a rather pathetic 23 year old midlife crisis, but I am a friggen lucky guy. I guess its easier to think that after the major hurdles have been jumped over instead of when you're staring at them.

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