Not if they win the lotto!


I was sitting with my awesome AsiaBSDCon Ahihabara Panasonic FreeBSD laptop at this cafe, like a gentleman, and a couple were walking out.

Barista: Have a great day, see you again!
Customer: Not if we we win the lotto, you won’t!

They were obviously saying in jest, but it made me think. In jest sounds like ingest, which souds like indigestion, which reminds me why I think gastronomy is such an unfortunately-titled field of study. Also, that they would think they wouldn’t visit this great little café if they won the lottery.

I can tell you now, winning the lottery would give me a reason to spend more of my days at cafés. My dream would be to win a pile of money, live off interest and dividends, and spend my days contributing to open source projects and writing. And paying for a coffee with fifties and letting them keep the change!

Private yachts, jets, and other trappings of wealth sound like they’d be a huge pain in the arse to maintain. I suppose if one were wealthy enough they could hire someone to do that, but then you have a person to keep tabs on as well. My only indungence would be homes in places I care about, like Sydney and Singapore; which naturally are two of the world’s most expensive housing markets.

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