Norwegian sandwich shop at The Curve in Damansara

As I eluded in the previous post where I was talking about eBay nonsense, earlier this week I spent two days and one night back in Kuala Lumpur. Doing errands mostly, nothing too exciting.

One thing I was able to do in the spare time before we boarded the bus back was to go to The Ikano Power Centre in Damansara. Because my family lived here from 2006-07 my dad and I often went there to pick up IKEA furniture and we'd always grab a bite to eat at the Norwegian sandwich shop. They desperately need to open a franchise in Singapore, their salmon sandwiches are incredible and the outdoor atmosphere was great.

It's funny the things we remember isn't it? Going through my blog archives here for example I remember I talked a lot about internet and phone problems in Malaysia. Also funny that the design of this site hasn't changed much at all since then either.

We moved back to Singapore in June 2007.