Non-destructive Perl regex substitutions

I’ve been a Perl Monk in training for years, but I only just realised this.

Say you want to print an original string, and a modified version with a case-insensitive substitution. This below will output “shimapan shima-melonpan”, just because I can.

my $first = "shimapan"
my $second = $first;
$second =~ s/pan/-melonpan/i;
print("$first $secondn");

You can use “r” instead to non-destructively substitute, with the same result.

my $first = "shimapan"
my $second = $first =~ s/pan/melonpan/ir;
print("$first $secondn");

I generally avoid Perl Golf-isms for the same reasosn Dagolden does, but in this case I find it does remove a little redundancy, and is just as readable.

Thanks to @damncabbage for getting me to finally post this!


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