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Having written about less than nice people coming to the door in the past asking for donations for various different things (Not so pleasant World Vision encounter), I had to just relay two small events that happened this morning that help to put things into perspective and show that it is possible to help your cause without being pushy.

Firstly, I went to the supermarket to get some milk for cereal quite early and walked past a guy as I walked in who was sitting at a small table with a donation tin for the Cancer and Bowel Research Trust. I didn't have any coins and was dreading those few seconds walking past him, but all he did was give me a smile. I bought the milk, walked back out of the supermarket and put all the change I got into his tin, which got me another smile. That's it, he didn't need to lunge out at me from behind a pillar or stalk me as I walked along, he was just a nice human being who made me want to give his cause money instead of feeling obligated to.

Second time was when I was sitting back at home programming before heading out for coffee. I heard a light tapping on the door which at first I thought was someone's pet it was so quiet! Turns out it was someone else asking for money, this time for an animal shelter. Rather than trying to guilt trip me into showing a ton of money or by singing me up into a contract with all these dubious clauses, he just another tin and again I was more than happy to reach for our coin jar and throw in a couple of bucks. He tipped his hat and moved on.

Folks, there are many ways you can do fund raising as you walk around with your tin collecting change, but the best way to do it is to not be confrontational. It's not hard, and it might end up making you more money!

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