Clara and I are looking to excercise more, given our Apple Watches have been guilt tripping us with incomplete activity circles. Well, maybe not anymore, given Clara’s popped its screen when the battery swelled up. Ouch!

So by chance we were walking past the Speedo store in Chatswood Westfield a week or so ago, and saw this gorgeous suit. The colours! And it has boats!

Photo of the aforementioned boaty swimsuit

So naturally, we went to the Speedo website looking for a matching one for gentleman. No dice, the closest I could find were these slim fit watershorts. They have bright colours, but no awesome prints. What gives?

Update ①

Upon closer inspection, these are loafers, and those interposed images at the bottom of the ladies' suit are “black line” swim lanes. From a glance, Clara and I thought they were stylised row boats. From the description:

If you want to do something creative with your swim, our Flipturns collection is a fun approach to serious swimming, designed in bright prints to give you positive drive when you’re following ‘the black line’.

Update ②

We stand corrected! They have a collaboration with Aquabumps which has a fabulous print. It reminds me of a Windows 2000 desktop background. That may be the worst fashion comment ever made.

Photo of the aforementioned shorts, with a print!