No more Facebook Whole Wheat Radio player


Artists from my Music to Explore list on Whole Wheat Radio

Some sad news from Jim Kloss at Whole Wheat Radio HQ: Facebook has regressed again.

WWR Player Note: I thought this was coming but now it’s confirmed. Facebook is removing the capability of putting things like the WWR Player on your Profile page. Expect everyone’s WWR Player to disappear from their profile in coming days.

I long since stripped all my data out of Facebook and deleted all my applications when they rubbed me the wrong way for the last time, but I did keep the WWR player in the hopes it would generate some buzz.

Thanks for adding the Whole Wheat Radio Player Ruben. We both made compromises. I wrote the unbelievably contorted code to add a simple link to Facebook profiles and you logged onto FB. ;-) —Jim

Sorry it didn't work out :(.

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