No LockerGnome, I now block you


So, I was doing a Google search to compare Windows anti-virus tools, and across this site called LockerGnome. Aside from being a site for what I can only assume are incacerated mythical creatures, I now know I’m a crook.

You have been blocked from entering this site.


You have attempted an Authors Table attack on this site.

*BUZZER* Sorry, you lucked out. Your consolation prize is a free course on security fundamentals from the University of Wikipedia.

All of the following information has been gathered to assist the webmaster should this need to be report [sic] to local or federal [sic] officers.

Okay, I’m starting to see the issue. LockerGnome has such flagrant disregard for their users, they’ve emplyed the use of a crappy security suite written by people who can’t even write proper English. Nice job, guys.

The good news is I’ll never see this again, because it’ll now be on my block list. Good riddance.

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