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Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass

I've been in the market for an affordable macro (micro in Nikkor parlance) lens since I first got my beloved Nikon D60 back in 2008. I might have found one, but I need to do more research… of course!

System requirements

Any Intel Mac with Leopard or FreeBSD. Oh, you mean the lens! Don't mind me, some people can do really good nonsensical humour, and I am not one of these people. I've just always wanted to use the heading "System requirements" for something that has nothing to do with software.

System requirements

Yeah, that title! Firstly, I want a lens for taking photos of small electronic components like retro Zilog Z80s I pick up at Sim Lim Tower for peanuts, and cute anime figures like Asahina Mikuru or Kallen Stadtfeld; in other words small detailed objects. So far my AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8 has done a great job, but lets just say I tried my dad's 105mm macro and was blown away at how much easier it is to use for these tasks. I mean it, it was so much fun and so easy!

As for specifics, I'd prefer a prime lens because it'd be cheaper and sharper and cheaper and cheaper. Did I mention it'd be cheaper? Having AF-S would allow it to autofocus on my Nikon D60, but remembering back to my Finepix S9600 bridge camera I preferred manually focusing on macro shots anyway, so this would be another feature I'd be happy to give up for affordability.

The final consideration is the focal length. As I understand it, having a 105mm lens would give me a bit more breathing room between the camera and the subject, but because I'll be using the macro lens with a DX frame camera I can get away with a smaller one, which would also be cheaper.

AF NIKKOR Micro 60mm f/2.8

The AF NIKKOR Micro 60mm f/2.8D

Singapore is full of great camera shops, and I've been given a really good price on an AF NIKKOR Micro 60mm f/2.8D which if you believe the reviewers on is an amazingly sharp lens. Given the AF-S version is now available perhaps that's one reason they're selling cheaper.

I've seen a few Sigmas floating around too. Perhaps it's time to do some homework.

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