@Oliyoung on Twitter shared a link to a story talking about the possibility a right wing military coup against Obama. It seems shared resources that allegedly border on socialism like public healthcare, public education, national parks, roads and garbage disposal are turning America into a Stalinist state. No, this is not The Onion!

Unintended political hilarity aside, there was one part of the page after the article that I didn't find so amusing, and it had nothing to do with ill informed political hot air. Under their Special Links heading was the following statement…

Beat cancer, heart disease, and slow aging.

The link directs to this very dodgy looking 1990s-esque infomercial page on their Newsmax store for a book about green tea. I added a rel="nofollow" so linking to it doesn't translate into any extra Google Juice for them.

Yes I am aware green tea is a healthy beverage and can reduce the risks of several diseases, but to claim it beats cancer and heart disease is complete tripe. In the same link they did claim it merely slow[ed] ageing not beat it, so it seems they are capable of talking about its benefits in more rational terms.

Its interesting for me that political pundits can spin nonsense as much as they want and it causes me mild amusement, but as soon as someone starts spouting uninformed nonsense about health I'm not so amused. Or to quote Penn Jillette: "Once you've felt the pure grief [of losing a loved one], seeing those feelings exploited can… take away your sense of humour".

Pardon the bluntness, but get a clue Newsmax. And Glenn Beck, whoever you are!