Well here we are folks, I've gone ahead and done it! After talking about doing it for over three years I've finally merged all my disparate blogs into one. It was easier when the last external blog was wiped which forced me to start again anyway! There are still a lot of broken links, but I'm working on them.

As for the haphazard work-in-progress design, I made it as platform neutral as possible so I can easily port it over to Django once WordPress has driven me insane enough to warrant it. As before it still uses no JavaScript or Flash except when a specific post requires the latter and I can't find an alternative. It also doesn't look too bad in Internet Explorer 6 which was a pleasant surprise.

I'm looking forward to only maintaining one personal site for a while, it's going to be a refreshing change. Wasn't that a Little River Band song?

Might as well also take this opportunity to also ask that if you read my blog through my web feed I encourage you to update your aggregator to point to rubenerd.com/feed/ instead of rubenerdshow.com/feed/; it'll reduce the number of requests to my server and make it a bit faster than using the redirect I have in place. Thanks :)