PayPal Australia’s New Newsletter


Got this email this morning from PayPal Australia:

Dear Ruben Schade,

Welcome to the first issue of the PayPal Australia newsletter, designed to help you get the most of your PayPal account and take advantage of the special offers from our leading merchants.


The PayPal Australia Team.

Crap, more email junk that I didn't register for.

Wait a sec, did I read that right? "take advantage of the special offers from our leading merchants.". Okay, this is just glorified spam.

So now I've just read the footer for information about how to "un-subscribe" myself from this junk:

This PayPal notification was sent to X. To modify your notification preferences, log in to your PayPal account, click the Profile sub-tab, then click the Notifications link under Account Information. Changes may take up to 5 working days to be reflected in our mailings.

Why can't I just send a reply with "unsubscribe" like everyone else? Or are they just trying to make it more complicated?

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