New MyUniSA home page launch


New MyUniSA in Firefox 3.0.14

The University of South Australia which I am attending for university (surprising though it may seem) recently updated their MyUniSA student home page with more information and swishier graphics. So far I'm liking it to the extent that it's good to have something new to look at after seeing the same thing for ages, and I like being able to define my own links and see the weather on the sidebar.

Unfortunately they're still using the dreadful Outlook Web Access interface for email which only works in it's enhanced mode in Internet Explorer 6 (ugh, don't get me started!) and granted I'm sure very few of their users use Opera but the menubar looks a bit messed up even in version 10. The latter I can live with, but they really, really, REALLY need to ditch Outlook Web Access.

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