Another spiffy new MacBook Pro battery


Having got fed up with the woefully bad battery life in my second MacBook Pro battery, I decided to bite the bullet (or the bank card as it were) and procure myself a new battery. The previous battery I used was a third party unit I bought at Sim Lim Square in Singapore which when new had amazing life but degraded into a device that could barely hold a charge in far too short of a time. This new Apple battery might have cost an arm and a leg, but provided it wasn't manufactured by Sony in 2006 it's far more reliable.

I'm getting on average about 3:30 of power a charge which is enough for most lectures and classes with this new battery. Not having to arrive to classes nine hours early every day so I can guarantee myself a power point seat is such a refreshing change!

I'm in the process of writing another post on priming batteries and getting more life out of them, but I want to hold off publishing it until it's finished; I've been told publishing things before they're finished is a tad silly and nonsensical, and heaven forbid I ever type any nonsense here.

One quick tip I can provide though in this post to maximise battery life is to not turn on your MacBook computer at all. You'll need to commit everything you type to memory so you can reproduce it accurately when you're at a mains source of power which I admit could be construed to be a disadvantage by a vocal minority, but I guarantee you the battery life of your machine will be stellar. Unless you have the screen brightness set too high. Wait a minute.

As an aside, I learnt in chemistry that batteries are a series of cells, and that most batteries people buy are technically "cells" not batteries. If you are a chemist and this is the only bone you have to pick with regards to what I've typed here, I'm both fascinated and worried at the same time.

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