I'm sure if you're really interested in iTunes and Apple software releases you'd already know about this but I thought I'd just do a quick review of iTunes 7.

What I Like

I was really dissapointed with the iTunes 5 to 6 version update (it seemed fairly redundant) but in version 7 the interface has really been polished even futher.

In particular I really love the new tune views that let you see the album lists with artwork or even the cover art being displayed as a slideshow (I remember seeing the latter view in a third party utility though. Guess they pulled another Konfabulator).

What I Don’t Like

The scrollbars have been changed: yet another non standard interface change by Apple. When will they stop doing this? Also the newly redesigned library is far less screen efficient (albeit more "stylish").

But the thing that really tarnishes my experience somewhat is the convenient button for the equaliser is gone. Why I ask?!


In order they are: iTunes 6, iTunes 7 album view, and iTunes slideshow view.

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