ANZs new logo

Much like my friend Frank Nora, I'm a logo nerd, so when news like this appears I pownce on it. Oh great, that failed website has stuffed up my spelling. Big news: The ANZ Bank is in the process of changing their logo.

I first heard about it on Twitter and was directed to an article on the Brisbane Times website (New brand, logo to cost ANZ $15m) which hilariously didn't contain a single image of it! Fortunately a Google Image search showed me what the fuss was about.

I like it when companies refresh their logos while still retaining a certain familiarity and elements from their previous one, and at least this ANZ one keeps the same striped, bold letters. I'm also relieved beyond belief that their new logo widget didn't become another over-designed, complicated, ugly, bubblegum, already dated looking Web 2.0 logos that Aussie companies such as Woolworths have fallen victim to (New Woolies logo looks icky and Web 2.0).

I hesitate to say I like it, but I applaud them for keeping things simple.