So I was looking for some Creative Commons licenced photos of Fraser's Hill using Google Image search this morning when I noticed something a bit different about it. From what I can tell they've adopted their SearchMash testing project's minimalist image search layout by removing all traces of information about images other than their filename. To get the image details you need to hover over each image.

Here's a screenshot taken a few minutes ago in Shiira on my MacBook Pro:

Google Image search on Shiira

This is no good lah! I use Google Image search all the time and have come to appreciate the fact I can quickly glance at the page of thumbnails and only click on the ones that are in the resolution I need.

Fortunately Konqueror on KDE still seems unaffected by the change… so far! Probably an AJAX reason or something:

Google Image search on Haruhi KDE Freebsd