Logitech Anywhere MX

I'm in the market for a new mouse. After two years of fairly reliable service, my Apple Mighty Mouse has started exhibiting that maddening scroll ball problem and its time to upgrade. New toy!

The latest Apple Magic Mouse is a work of art (as to be expected from Apple!), but alas without a third mouse button it's just not feasible for the times when I'm booted into FreeBSD, OpenSolaris or Linux and I don't want to constantly swap mouses around. Before going Apple I was a Logitech guy because they were the most comfortable and well designed, so I'm thinking of going back and checking them out again.

The only requirement I have aside from lots of awesome buttons I can customize is Bluetooth. Don't get the wrong idea, I really dislike Bluetooth and constantly pairing my mouse with my MacBook Pro feels like a tiring and maddening exercise in futility sometimes, but I never have any spare USB ports and USB hubs won't work.

Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte recently recommended on Security Now 222 the Logitech Anywhere MX with the fantastic low friction scrollwheel but alas it needs a USB receiver. The Logitech Performance Mouse MX is positively droolworthy, but has the same problem.

As far as I can tell the only Bluetooth Laser mouse they have is the Logitech V470 which my father uses and is very happy with, but it doesn't have their Darkfield Laser Tracking technology which allows it to track on more surfaces, and only has a regular scroll wheel.

Perhaps I could get an ExpressCard with extra USB ports, or perhaps a powered USB hub. That'd work :).