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The science and history-obsessed parts of The Internets have been all abuzz over the evidence showing Neanderthals and Humans interbred. I know the heading picture makes no sense now, but bear with me.

It seems we split as species around 600,000 years ago, but that this interbreeding was occurring as late as 30,000 years ago, as evidenced by the partially sequenced genomes of several fossilised bones.

I didn't do biology in high school, but could this explain such anomalies as Stephen Conroy and Sarah Palin? I suppose it would be too convenient an excuse, and even if it were true we'd be opening ourselves up to The Neanderthal Defence.

Barrister: "Your Honour, when my client was informed that his internet filter would not work, his Neanderthal genes protected him from this grim reality and offered him a respite by ignoring the facts and continuing to press for said filter to be implemented. Yes, it’s natural for someone with his genes to be affected in this way, as detailed in Exhibit D. "

Judge: "Mr Smith, there IS no Exhibit D."

Barrister: "Oh, yeah about that. You must forgive me Your Honour, for I have this gene that…"

I should be a writer for Law and Order.

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