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Running the ./configure script from the latest nano tarball on a virgin Snow Leopard machine (my dad's) I keep running into a problem with UTF-8 support.

Using ncurses as the curses library
checking for use_default_colors in -lncurses... yes
configure: error:
UTF-8 support was requested, but insufficient UTF-8 support 
was detected in your curses and/or C libraries.  Please 
verify that your slang was built with UTF-8 support or your 
curses was built with wide character support, and that your 
C library was built with wide character support.

I've built the latest ncurses and slang libraries from MacPorts and have confirmed they were built with UTF-8 support. Only thing I can think of is it's using the outdated ncurses from the system instead of MacPorts, but other ports such as Midnight Commander are using it. Will keep digging.

For what it's worth, it builds just fine without UTF-8, but it's a feature I'd rather have.