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Made two quick comments today. I’d be a hypocrite disabling blog comments here, then encouraging people to blog their responses instead…. then not doing so for these. So here they are.


Apologies for commenting on an old post, but you’re on the first page of results on Google and just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

This isn’t really an error, just an indication that InnoDB is using the system’s internal memory allocator instead of its own. The default is yes/1, and is acceptable for production.

According to the docs, this command is deprecated, and will be removed in MySQL versions above 5.6 (and I assume MariaDB):

Cheers :)

And ECM Architect:

“I have no idea why [skip-networking] is turned on by default”

I’d say its a prudent security measure, especially for a package manager like MacPorts where users are generally creating stacks for personal local development. You don’t want to be exposing network services you weren’t expecting.

That said, if the default for MySQL/MariaDB is to enable it, it may be a cause of confusion, as it was for you here. Any deviations from the default should probably be documented somewhere.

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