My Uni Timetable… Yuk!


Taken straight from the uni network… have you ever seen such a hideous timetable? Argh.

time Mon(27/2) Tue(28/2) Wed(1/3) Thu(2/3) Fri(3/3)
9:00 AM         2405
9:30 AM         MLK-F1-25
10:00 AM       25188
10:30 AM       MLK-F1-17
11:00 AM     24464   25186
11:30 AM     MLK-GP1-09   MLK-J1-05
12:00 PM          
12:30 PM          
1:00 PM         22375
1:30 PM         MLK-GP1-09
2:00 PM          
2:30 PM          
3:00 PM 22375 24464      
3:30 PM MLK-GP1-09 MLK-GP1-09      
4:00 PM      
4:30 PM      
5:00 PM          
Class Nbr Room Course Section Description Instructor
22375 MLK-GP1-09 COMP2006 Lecture 01LL Object-Oriented Software Eng F. Fursenko
24464 MLK-GP1-09 COMP2012 Lecture 01LL Objects and Algorithms in C++ TBA
25188 MLK-F1-17 INFS2004 Computer Practical 04CL Data Model and Database Design TBA
24054 MLK-F1-25 INFS2004 Lecture 01LL Data Model and Database Design J. Liu
25186 MLK-J1-05 INFS2004 Tutorial 01TL Data Model and Database Design TBA

Damn it.

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