My September 2020 iOS application picks

  • The Equinix Customer Portal is much handier than futzing around in your email or using their mobile site to get data centre access.

  • Ghost doesn’t have an official blog posting app for iOS, but Publisher for Ghost is as good as one for the people I host other blogs for.

  • HE.NET Network Tools has ARP, Bonjour, DNS, iperf, ping, portscans, traceroute, whois, TLS, and more in a polished interface. I’d expect nothing less from the engineers behind Looking Glass.

  • I never thought I’d never see NetNewsWire for iOS, but it’s great to have my favourite Mac RSS reader from back in the day on my portable telephonic device. I just need to figure out if/how I can sync it with TinyTinyRSS on my FreeBSD cloud server.

  • The replacement Nikkei Asian Review application is infinitely better than the old one. Just log in with your subscriber details.

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