My Princess of the Crystal fig finally arrived


My new Princess of the Crystal fig by rubenerd, on Flickr

Back in January, Jeremy from Singapore gifted me a Princess of the Crystal anime fig from my Amazon Wishlist. I was blown away by his generosity, and couldn’t wait to display her on my shelf. Mawaru Penguindrum was one of my favourite series in quite a while, and her character was beyond awesome.

Unfortunately, according to My Figure Collection and other sources, Good Smile Company ran into issues with the fig, and had to delay shipping numerous times. First we were told I’d be getting her in April, then May. Jeremy and I held out, but I saw numerous comments from people who’d given up and asked for refunds.

My new Princess of the Crystal fig by rubenerd, on Flickr

Fast foward to today. After our morning café trip, Clara and were greeted by a gigantic shipping box. It’d been so long, and we order so much stuff from overseas, we honestly couldn’t remember what it could be.

It’s a tired cliché, but the wait was worth it. She’s not my biggest fig in terms of scale, but she’s definitely the biggest and heaviest! From her signature hat (thank you Seb!) to her billowing black and red skirt, she’s certainly one of the prettiest and most detailed figs in my collection. The most pressing concern is where abouts we can fit her!

My camera has quite the backlog of images, so stay tuned for a more detailed review with photos soon. I’m so happy (and relieved!) to finally have her. Thank you Jeremy for your generosity and patience, and to Clara for her photographic skills :).

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