My popular opinions


There are altogether too many unpopular opinion posts circulating on social media and blogs. This is my attempt to reverse this.

  • Freshly-baked bread, toast out of the toaster, and a pan with frying onion and garlic, all have breathtaking aromas. In that you voluntarily take more breaths to smell them.

  • Repairability is a good thing.

  • It’s a nice gesture to let people with prams and wheelchairs into lifts and trains first. Even better if you assist if they look like they’re struggling (I qualify that, because I had a colleague in a wheelchair many years ago who said he wanted to be “treated like everyone else, not a unique case”).

  • Cheesecake is pretty great.

  • Few things are as satisfying as removing redundant code.

  • Sleep is underappreciated, even among those who admit they need more of it.

  • The Beatles had some good music.

  • Respecting someone’s privacy and security is almost always a good idea.

  • Cleaners, garbage collectors, sewer maintainers, and sanitation workers keep us healthy, deserve serious respect, and should be paid much, much more.

  • Hello dog. Who’s a good dog? You are! You’re a good dog.

  • Under-promise. You can either over-deliver, or use the added slack in the timeline to absorb the things life likes to throw at us.

  • It’s a shame when you spill coffee on your beige pants, as I did this morning, surprising nobody.

  • It’s better not to buy the junk than recycle it.

  • Text-based server logs, and basic UNIX text-processing tools, are wonders of the modern world and don’t get nearly enough praise.

  • Hakos Baelz has unreasonably funky opening music on her streams.

  • Mismatching socks are more fun, especially if they’re bold colours. Related: Japanese idol costumes that go as far as having mismatched sock and stocking lengths are the pinnacle of fashion design.

  • Art galleries, museums, and art gallery museums are amazing places that Ruben needs to spend more time in.

  • A working computer, if rare, is wondrous.

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