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To make it even easier for you to share your thoughts, I’ve created a handy copy-and-paste note for you to customize and mail back.
~ Paul Carr, TechCrunch

We will, provided you’re able to answer this one for us!

Dear TechCrunch Readers,

Our site has a new design. Rather than deferring all questions and comments to the designers themselves, I decided to patronise my readers who’s advertising viewership pays my salary because:

[   ]  I’m not a fan either but I’ll mock you for thinking the same
[   ]  It’s not as bad as Gawker!
[   ]  Because its “too early to tell” that design elements are misplaced

I assert only professional designers are fit to critique designs because:

[   ]  Designers are the only people who consume our content
[   ]  As a journalist I only critique other journalism

I believe these mock forms are still funny because :

[   ]  They’ve never been done before
[   ]  They haven’t been done enough
[   ]  I’m being ironic lol!

The new site design is fantastic. And if you don’t like it you can:

[   ]  leave a comment leave a comment if you’re on Facebook
[   ]  go to which doesn’t support us

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to read GigaOM :).