My most hotlinked image, and a reader question


Aka Onda from Rec
Explanation below!

From time to time I like to check how many of my images are being hotlinked from my server here. Given I'm in the process of moving to new servers (anyone at Ourmedia? Can you reply to my three emails please?) I thought I'd have to re-evaluate my previous position on hotlinking but for now the bandwidth these free-loaders waste is insignificant when compared to MP3 downloads of my Rubenerd Shows, and still much smaller than all those blasted screenshots I post here with such fervour.

Why have I shown the above image of Aka Onda from the Rec anime series above though? Well if you stopped talking perhaps I would have time to answer. I've included this image because despite this blog not being an anime blog with very few posts about the subject out of now thousands of posts, this is currently my most hotlinked image.

No screenshots from how-to's regarding the maintenance and reviewing of software for FreeBSD or Mac, no photos taken with my FinePix S9600 or my new Nikon D60… the most hotlinked image is a cover from an anime series. It blows my mind!

It's made me rethink my priorities somewhat: clearly people are more interested in my pontifications about life, the universe and everything as well as my anime talk that perhaps my focus on software reviews and advice is misguided? My dedicated anime blog doesn't even get this level of traffic for anime material!

I must admit I've been giving more thought to just giving up and merging all four of my blogs into this one, with clearer categories of course. I've talked about this several times in the past and ended up dismissing it each time, but perhaps with my current and ongoing webhosting crisis this has given me the opportunity to go ahead with it after all.

The ultimate question!

As friendly and preciously valued readers of the Rubenerd Blog, how would you feel seeing anime, study material, my podcast and general philosophy all merged into one entitiy? I would of course keep each section separate with their own RSS or Atom feeds so if you're not interested in some material there would be no need for you to put up with it… but at the same time you could get one uber feed that has everything!

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