Icon from the Tango Desktop Project

With my dad, sis and I moving internationally again and with this latest project, I haven't had much time for blogging or tweeting these last few days. I'm really excited though, because I just finished a really unconventional project for a client and it worked beautifully!

I'm not allowed to discuss the Five W's, but suffice to say it used a lot of a certain flavour of Java and a really ancient database. I'm talking stone tablet ancient. And it worked! Yays! Alas for the sake of my anemic public resume/portfolio, this will be yet another thing I can't add to it for NDA-like reasons. Oh well, I learned a heck of a lot and got lots of experience.

Now I'll be taking a small sabbatical and helping my dad and sis move in and organise whatnot. Will be nice ToLiveWithoutLongCamelCase and dusty old manuals with yellowing pages that made me sneeze for a while ;).