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I was catching up on podcasts yesterday and realised that Benedict Reuschling and Allan Jude had discussed my follow-up post about FreeBSD jails on episode 391! Better still, I made them both laugh, so mission accomplished :).

Allan mentioned that in addition to what I described, ZFS feature flags can be enabled for specific jails. I’ve been dealing with an issue where extended attributes aren’t being passed to Mac guests from a jail running Samba, but on the host they do. This might be an avenue of inquiry to check out.

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They gentleman also read how I used jails first and foremost for package management, with security being a useful side effect. Allan reminded us that this was the original use case for jails, which I didn’t know!

It was a bittersweet moment hearing Allan say we missed out on meeting again in Tokyo for AsiaBSDCon for the second year in a row. Our chats over breakfast and in the hallways at that conference were among the highlights of my life; hopefully as the world slowly starts to open up again we can grab a beer and talk servers again. I still would love to go to Canada and Europe for events there as well!

For those unfamiliar, BSDNow is a weekly programme where two of the nicest, most knowledgable people in FreeBSD read and discuss the current hot topics in the BSD operation system community. If you’re familiar with Linux or commercial UNIX, they also do a great job making the topics approachable and relatable.

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