TV inside a kebab restaurant in Sydney showing Winter Olympic skiing

With a pending house inspection imminent, today was largely spent vacuuming, washing floors and removing any trace of evidence that this house is a dwelling people live in. At least one word in that opening was superfluous and unnecessary; ditto this sentence.

It was pretty late into the evening when we realised we hadn't eaten. Finding a restaurant open at 22:00 in suburban Sydney seemed like a long shot, but by chance we saw the Sultan Turkish Pide and Kebab House through the storm gloom.

Huddled in the small family run restaurant, hungrily chowing down, watching winter Olympian skiers thousands of kilometres away was really something. Despite it still being summer in Australia, we joked the athletes were probably warmer than we were!

I've never really been into the Olympics or sport in general, but the winter events seem far more interesting. Some of those skiers were going over 100km/h, something I didn't even think a human could withstand. Clara agreed, and said the ice skating was really quite pretty. Maybe we'll have to watch more of this. Any sites have flowing water downloads, as it were, perhaps?

And that's my story of seeing my first Winter Olympic event.