My Apothecary Coffee mug


Given how much of my life I spend brewing in, lifting, drinking from, and washing these aqueous comestible conveyances, I thought it’d be fun to share some of them here, and a bit of the history behind them.

We start this inagurel… inaugural… ina… first episode with our most recent purchase. This black mug comes from Apothecary Coffee near where we live in Chatswood, pictured with Darjeeling from Girls und Panzer holding her own namesake beverage, an Adelaide Starbucks mug we used as a flowerpot, and my Ryzen CoolerMaster NR200P computer case. Reviews for all of these are pending, especially the crockery.

Photo of the black Apothecary coffee mug next to an anime figure of Darjeeling holding a cup of tea

Apothecary Coffee is one of my new favourite places. In Adelaide I practically lived in the Boatdeck Café in Mawson Lakes, and in Singapore I had the Viennese Coffee House and a few Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs. Apothecary Coffee has reached that level for me in Sydney. Their batch brew coffee is exquisite, the staff are friendly, and I love the atmosphere.

The coffee shop is situated on the commercial side of Chatswood, so they were hit especially hard by Covid and remote work. Clara and I would often walk down there and be their only customers for upwards of an hour at a time. We started buying their swag to support them, but they turned out to be great purchases in their own right. Like this mug!

It’s a solid device with thick walls, a generous handle, and is machine washable. My only criticism is the shiny black surface is almost impossible to photograph without reflections obscuring the logo. Fortunately, this does not affect its hot beverage capacity, and I can only assume the colour’s light absorption characteristics help to keep contained beverages hot. That’s how that works, right?

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