Chicken wire!?
Chicken wire!?

This is in response to Zombie Plan's aptly titled post called "I Post". I presume he's referring to electronic weblogs and not the philatelic kind, though that's not to say he doesn't engage in that activity as well.

I drink
I enjoy
typing rambling incessant nonsense
I hate
rudeness and narcissism
I support
the SOS brigade
I love
I wish
I had a Farmers Union Iced Coffee
I believe
wearing matching socks is dull
I watch
anime and shows on my Mac not TV
I nerd
therefore I am
I swear
cloudy skies are more beautiful than clear ones
I read
I quote
The Blues Brothers. You want out of this parking lot?
I refer to
I spam
to spread anti-blog-advertising awareness
I live
in two places
I don’t
worry about being an introvert… too much
I caught
a koi pond fish on my iPhone
I am
shy in public
I turned
lids when so instructed
I have
never made it through Clannad
I adore
intelligence and shyness yet also tsundere-ness for some reason!
I would
jam with latin jazz bands, if I could play an instrument
I spend
Singapore dollars in Australia by mistake constantly
I drink
because I like German beer, not to get drunk
I geocache
and I’m dangerous!
I let
other people fix my washing machine
I have
never been to Saskatchewan
I work
and am thankful I can
I listen
with my ears
I obsess
about one particular song for weeks
I sometimes
blog about outdated software probably no one else cares about
I make
obscure edits to the Whole Wheat Radio wiki that probably don’t really help the actual mission but are fun
I tell
people I’m hilarious otherwise they wouldn’t realise it
I think
I exist, probably
I take
my coffee without sugar
I failed
at keeping these answers succinct
I don’t
create useless blog posts like this one