It's official folks, I've been on this planet for 24 years, at least according to this timezone. They really need to set up a series of mirrors so the world has daylight at the same time.

I like rambling lists

Any questions?

For now all I hope for is my 24th year will be better than my 23rd. Without sounding too emo, and while acknowledging plenty of other people have far worse problems than me, I feel as though my life has been on a sharp downward curve for many years now. I've become even more introverted and shy than I used to be (if that were possible), the studies I do in my own spare time thrill me more than any of the stuff I'm learning at university, but perhaps the most crushing is the constant worrying. I'm always worried, but the problems I'm facing aren't any more or less than what I've had before. It's draining all my energy.

Anyway on that upbeat note, happy birthday to me and good night!!! Well technically, good morning seeing as it's 00:18. What am I, a talking clock?