Music Monday: Window Washer’s Dream


It’s Music Monday time! Each and every Monday without fail, except when I fail to, I post a piece of music such that our Monday may be filled with perhaps a little more joy than its unenviable position at the start of the work week would normally afford it.

Play Window Washer’s Dream, from SimCity 3000

Window Washer’s Dream was my favourite song from SimCity 3000, which seems fitting to share given I just posted about the game yesterday. I loved as a kid hearing the layers of sound and instrumentation slowly build up.

It was surreal hearing it again tonight. It immediately sent me back to those optimistic, fun primary school evenings when I’d finished my homework and helped pack up the dinner dishes. I had this tradition where I’d camp out in my room with the lights out and the windows open when the evening Singapore air wasn’t quite as humid, listening to this music and building out stuff. Those were tough times, trying to figure out whether I’d build a microwave power plant, or save a bit longer for fusion.

I’ve still got all those old cities in my backup folders since I archived all my decaying Zip disks. I might need to dig them up and screenshot them here!

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