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It’s Music Monday time, that day of the week when I etc and so forth. Today I share a song from my favourite singer-songwriter Michael Franks, and a lyric I’ve misheard for years:

Increasingly, I start to see why
Spring ain’t here
I can’t demote my overcoat ‘cause
Spring ain’t here
I still am seen in MLB ‘cause
Spring ain’t here
Turn up the song and don’t be long
Make spring… be… here

(I wrote this in Markdown and all the lines ran together because I forgot to put the invisible spaces at the end. I’m starting to think all the weird edge cases and unfriendly things like that make it not worth using. But I digress).

This is from the song “Why Spring Ain’t Here” from his 1999 album Barefoot on the Beach. Since I was a kid I’ve always thought that line about MLB was weird: what does it stand for, and why would him being in it have to do with it not yet being spring?

I checked the liner notes from the CD and the line is L.L.Bean. A web search retured it as an American retailer. I’d tell you more about them, but they had newsletter popup spam so I had to close the tab.

As a side node, you can tell most lyric sites pilfer off each other given the same typo appeared everywhere:

I still am seem in L.L.Bean cause

Time to chill from more music from that album, me thinks.

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