Music Monday: Uptown Funk


It’s Music Monday time! Each and every Monday, except when I don’t, I post about music. Except in this case it’s clearly not Monday, though fortunately we’re only a day out. Wait, two days out. It’s not so much a Music Monday as it is…

Bruno Mars singing on Uptown Funk:

Say my name, you know who I am;
I’m too hot (hot damn)

G’day Too Hot! HAH! Ah man, that was so good. I feel like if you have to tell people your joke’s good, it’s…

Play Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

To save this post from being completely useless, I encourage you to check out this brilliant Nerd Fest UK’s music video of classic movie stars dancing to the song. The last time I danced that well, I…

From the description, they encourage us to donate to the The British Film Institute, The George Eastman Museum and The Film Foundation if we liked it. I did, so I will! I remember when I did a donation drive for Rubenerd and…

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