Music Monday: Kris Delmhorst


It’s time for the latest installment of Music Monday time, that blog post series that occurs on a specific day to talk about music. You could say I called it Music Monday owing to this fact. Thank you, I’m here all week. No, really, I’m working from home.

This week’s music recommendation comes from Kris Delmhorst, who released her latest album Long Day in the Milky Way last Friday. Her Bandcamp page lets you preview the album, and I found myself at the checkout ordering a digital copy and a vinyl LP before the first track “Wind’s Gonna Find a Way” had even finished.

Kris’s beautiful, unique vocals are matched so perfectly with the blissful instrumentation and stunning harmonies. I love every song already, but “Hanging Garden” especially made me choke up in a joyful way I can’t explain. For other Australians out there, her cover of “The Horses” made famous by Daryl Braithwaite here was a real treat.

The nerd in me also needs to comment on the mastering. The dynamic range and clarity of these tracks positively sparkle on my new headphones. It’s like I’m sitting right there with her and her musicians on a deck, with the stars above and passing around hot cocoa. Boston is still right up there on my travel wishlist, so maybe Clara and I will be able to catch her perform for real one day.

A special thanks to the imitable Esther Golton for recommending her, who you should also listen to and support through her Bandcamp. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and her music has helped this soul through some tough family and personal times. It’d make my day if you’d consider supporting both of them :).

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