It’s Music Monday time again, that time of the week where I regail you with my misspelling of regale, and share some tunes for which I harbour affection or admiration, such that you may derive as much joy from them as I did. This was a long-winded way of saying music I like, but then, you don’t read this site for brevity. Brevity to me always sounded like a baking term. Leave your bagels before boiling for brevity.

Given the season, I thought it fitting to include one of my favourite holiday songs.

Play I Bought You A Plastic Star (For Your Aluminum Tree)

Michael Franks is my favourite singer/songwriter, and his 2007 holiday album gets heavy play at this time of year. He wrote all the songs himself, so you get a break from the overplayed standards.

This song is particularly biting, especially with lines like spend all ye faithful, but there are some warm tunes on the album as well.