Murphy's law has been striking me with a vengence today, with three unrelated online events that will be taking place while I'm in the sky between Adelaide and Singapore or shuffling through airport Xray machines.

Firstly, one of my favourite Whole Wheat Radio artists Steve Durr is performing live at 20:00 Alaskan time. Last time I heard Steve live at Whole Wheat I managed to buy a CD to share with my dad and we even got a signed poster! When I found out about the time I promptly kicked the table and stubbed my big toe. As my mum used to say about herself and eye shadow, I never looked good in purple.

The second is of course the epic Facebook landgrab where you'll be able to register for a username to finally rid ourselves of those narly user ID numbers. The username registration will be going live at 13:00 US Pacific time. Granted I have a fairly unusual name combination, in fact searches online have only ever returned one other Ruben Schade who happened to be a part of the Roswell investigation of all things. Still, it'd be nice to be sure.

The third is grilled cheese sandwiches.